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My coat of arms through the years.

This is the history of my coat of arms through the last 20 years, with some of my life reflexed in the external ornaments.
1- My first coat of arms, when I was 23 years. Is the grant of arms by the Marquess of La Floresta, Castille and Lion King of Arms. (the painting is a trash because I was in my early days as heraldic artist):
The motto 'TODA LA ARROGANCIA ES MIA' (arrogance is all mine) I think is proper of a boy of 23, when you're never quite arrogant.
The crest of the lion with the cross makes reference to one ancestor who was knight in the Spanish Order of Santiago.
The bordure with bezants is a compound with the arms of my mentor, José Antonio Dávila García-Miranda, one of most recognised lawyers in Spain, expert in nobility laws, member of numerous orders and an authentic gentleman. His own coat of arms is this, and you can see my bordure in his first quarter:
2-One day I decided to have a signet ring, at 29, and made a new design without helmet, and without motto, because the arrogance was disappearing with age. My paintings are better and the result is this:
And the ring:

3-Years after de crest of the lion is changed for this:
MEMENTO MORI was added when my mother died from cancer, at 59. This loss resulted into a deep depression,  I stopped drawing for a long time, leave the academic corporations and associations to which I belonged and any type of social life.
4- As this situation lasted too decided to seek help, and found, but with a big surprise:


FESTINA LENTE ("make haste slowly") was added when I was diagnosed with an autistic disorder, Asperger's Syndrome.

Asperger makes me like a supercomputer with a really big hard disk for dates, images..., but minimal RAM for the little things of daily life and social interaction, so FESTINA LENTE remembers me every day I must do the things slowly if I like to finish the day well.
Also, I recovered the illusion for painting biggrin